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Lamentations of the Vampire Princess pt. 4 - Blood Gifts

~*~*~*~ part 1 here for how one turns into a vampire, feeding rules, & a list of traits common to all vampires part 2 here for newly rise PC vampires , hunger and advancement part 3 here for metamorphosis table part 4 here for blood gifts ~*~*~*~ Blood Gifts Ancient and unholy power lay dormant in the vampire’s black blood. With sufficient time, experience, and luck, the secrets of the immortal blood may become clear, and the vampire can learn to command some degree of this power.
Blood gifts are a risky proposition, as they require the vampire to expend its own blood to use them. Each blood gift, when used, costs the vampire in hit points. In return, however, the vampire is given the ability to wield extraordinary supernatural power.
When a vampire advances, there is a chance it may develop a blood gift through metamorphosis. Blood gifts do not have levels, though the effects of some gifts may be increased or prolonged by spending more blood. Bad LuckBlood Expenditure: 1d6 + 1 per hou…

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